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Afrikan Resistance: The Afrikan Blood Oath by Mukasa Afrika

Afrikan resistance. It is time we correct this pervading and damaging myth.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

The Afrikan Blood Oath by Mukasa Afrika

The Afrikan Blood Oath

This Oath is a Spiritual Oath that has been written
in the blood of our ancestors.
This Oath has been smeared in blood through time
by those ancestors who sacrificed their souls to eternity
in the sake of the hallowed cause of liberation and vengeance.

This Oath has been written
from the blood that dripped and saturated the grounds
of Mother Earth
as Afrikans stood upright to endure the timeless struggle;
the blood that ran deep down
to be absorbed by the roots of struggle to bear fruit.
This Oath has been written
from the blood that dripped and overflowed from slaveships,
the blood that dripped down the wound-opened backs of Blacks,
dripped down the necks strung by ropes swinging in the dull air
from tree branches,
dripped down the bullet holes of those who defied fear,
blood that dripped down the sacred mountains
and flowed through the sacred rivers;
dripped down every wound, gash, slash, and cut.
This Oath is the blood that dripped down
to moisten Mother Earth’s deserts, forests, and swamps.
This is an Oath in blood written by those mighty warriors
whose bodies were half-dead on the battlefields,
but whose souls had just begun to live.
This Oath we do take in their names,
We do take to continue their work of liberation,
as long as we walk and breathe upon the Earth.

We take this blood Oath so that one day the children and the unborn
will take the same Oath in our names.
We, the living, do take this Oath to give libation and honor
to those who put themselves in harms way on the altar of freedom.
We take this Spiritual Oath to every single drop of Afrikan blood
that has flowed over the past centuries,
for every drop of Afrikan blood
that has flowed over the past several thousands of years.
In the names of our divine mothers and fathers
who chose to fight to be free or die trying,
we take this Oath to thee.
We take this Oath for every single drop of Afrikan blood
that moistened the grounds of slave dungeons,
blood that darken and soaked the wood of slaveships,
blood that dripped in the hot fields of oppression.
This Oath is smeared from the precious blood of that Afrikan man
that dripped while he was hanging on the gallows.
This Oath is smeared from the precious, precious blood of that Afrikan woman
who was whipped and desecrated.
We take this consecrated Oath for those Afrikans who
gripped the knife,
grabbed the gun,
concealed the poison,
slashed the sword,
and were determined to be free or inflict divine justice
on their oppressors.

Let us dip our fingers in the timeless sea of sacrificed blood
and place a taste on the tips of our tongues.
Let that drop of ancestral blood
trickle to our inner depths,
trickle from our hearts and fall into our souls.
We ask the Spirits of mighty Afrika –
give us the same strength that our ancestors had
when they marched out to meet the armies of foreigners,
those scum who had invaded our lands.
We ask the Spirits of mighty Afrika –
give us the power that willed our ancestors to break free,
free of chains as they defied swords and guns,
as they gave their lives to hopes of the future,
or as they took the lives of their enslavers and oppressors.
We ask as we taste the timeless blood of sacrificed souls
that we have the strength that enslaved Afrikans had who rose up against all odds
to kill or be killed,
to be free or die,
to desire to bleed fast than live in slow torture.
Oh Spirits of mighty Afrika –
bless us with such ancestral strength, power, and love for freedom.

We make this blood Oath to our ancestors.
We make this Oath to the wounds of the liberator of the Nile, Seqenenra Tao
and the warriors of ancient Afrika.
We make this Oath in remembrance of when
Hannibal drank the poison
rather than accept the chains of Romans.
We make this Oath to the undying courage of Kahina and Kuselia
as they marched out to battle the Arab Muslims who invaded Afrika.
Give us the power that made Nzingha stand
and put fear in her white Christian foes.
We make this Oath to Zumbi and the revolutionaries of Palmares,
they who fought year after year and decade after decade.
We make this Oath to the Maroon warriors
of the Guyanas and Surinam.
Give us Nanny’s strength and the arms of those Maroons in Jamaica,
they who took up the battle after her.
We everlastingly commit ourselves in Oath to Kimpa Vita
and her spirit-child,
both who were burned alive in flames at the stake by white devils.
We make this Oath to all Afrikans who were
brave enough, strong enough
to shed every precious drop of blood
as they fought to battle against evil,
against slavery,
and against colonialism.
We make this Oath to Dessalines and the Haitian revolutionaries
who spilled blood, died, yet defeated Napoleon and his army.
We make this Oath
and ask for the strength that Nat Turner had
when he was chosen to unleash divine retribution on America
knowing that he would face the gallows,
and face the gallows with an undying heart he did.
We commit ourselves to this Oath
from the tears shed by Harriet Tubman,
tears and hurt that strengthened her heart and soul.
We give Oath to John Chilembwe’s blood.
To Lumumba and his comrades who gained so little
yet suffered so much,
we make this Oath.
We ask for their unconquerable strength.
We trace this Oath in blood
for the will that Amilcar Cabral had
every time he went into the fields of war.
This Oath is for the Afrikan blood
that stretched from Herero-land
to the Indus Valley
to Black Tasmania and beyond.
We make this Oath to the sacred blood
shed by the Maji Maji
and the Mau Mau.
We make this Oath to the sacred blood
shed by the Umkonto we Sizwe, the PAIGC, FRELIMO
and Samora Machel.
This Oath is given to Ouandie
who faced the firing squad because he fought for freedom.
We give this Oath to the blood
of the Black Panther Party and Black Liberation Army.
We make this Oath to the blood of the slaughtered,
We make this Oath to our brave martyrs.
This Oath is given to the Afrikans
who fought genocide, fought slavery, fought colonization, fought apartheid, fought caste, fought segregation, fought
foreign domination, and fought, and fought, and fought.

We dip our fingers in the blood that ran from the wounds
of Malcolm and Martin,
we taste the blood, we mourn, we cry, we taste the tears, we bandage the wounds, we hurt, and we continue the sacred cause.
We give libations and then move steadfast forward
into the fields of battle.
We cry but deny pain,
and still we fight.
We fight behind enemy lines.
We choose death over captivity,
freedom and war over slavery.
We give this blood Oath in life
or we give it in death.
We give this Oath to the everlasting fire of faith
and knowing that
in war is our redemption,
in war is the redemption of our ancestors,
and in war the Creator consecrates this blood Oath.
We make this Oath
for the pain, the precious tears, and the blood shed
by Mandela, Assata, and Mumia.

May the Afrikan Creator hear this Oath
and give us the divine strength
that pumped through the hearts and veins of our ancestors.
We ask that we not be afraid to shed blood for freedom’s cause.
We ask that we have the heart to live for the sake of righteousness,
to march to the frontlines in the timeless struggle.
We ask for the power so that we will not be afraid to pick up arms
and stand shoulder to shoulder
alongside the great warriors of the past;
and shoulder to shoulder onward we shall fight.
We ask for the courage of those who came before us
so that we obligate ourselves
and continue the work of Afrikan deliverance.
We ask and pray that those of us living today
have our marks placed on the pillars of eternity
by the hands of our ancestors.
We ask that those of us living today,
through the will of our ancestors,
leave a righteous legacy for those of the future.
We ask for guidance
to give a devotion of loyalty to the Afrikan blood Oath.
We give this Oath to thee,
Oh dear ancestors, as a sacrifice to the Great Creator.
We mark this Oath on our hearts and souls
forever and ever and ever into eternity.
posted by Mukasa Afrika

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