Tuesday, May 31

Semantic Genocide

Semantic Genocide

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  1. SEMANTIC GENOCIDE: Three Native Sons Discuss 'Operation Geronimo'
    Three Essays about the cultural ethnocide of America's Original Peoples

    A Fourth World Peoples eBook Written By:

    Simon Moya-Smith - Oglala Lakota Sioux / Indígena Mexicano
    Writer, professional journalist and editor of the I Am Not A Mascot Native American blog

    Vagabond Beaumont - Taínos de Borikén Nación / Puertorriqueño
    Writer, award-winning film director, and editor of nothingtobegainedhere

    TheAngryindian - Gullah-Geechie / Afro-Indio Nation / Ilokano
    Writer, editor-in-chief: La Inteligenta Indigena / editor-General: Aboriginal News Group


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